Ceramic Scissors
Ceramic Scissors-1

Ceramic Scissors

Non-heavy metal
Hi-tech Material

1. Ultra-sharp
It's ultra-sharp. The sharpness last long for about 2 years as normal use, while the metal knife sharpness last for about 2 month.
2. Anti-bacteria
The High compactness of blade surface make it resistance food oxidation and easy to clean up.
3. Non heavy metal
non- heavy metal makes it 100% food safe. Never rust, non metal taste. Keep the original flavor of food.
4. Hi-tech Material
Zirconia's hardness is second to diamond's, it's 60 times harder than comment kitchen knife. Resist contamination, nonmagnetic, green and environment-friendly.
*Keep it away from children
*Not intended for carving, prying, flexing, scraping or bonding.
 *Avoid ceramic, porcelain, glass or similar hard materials
*Avoid dropping the knife on hard surfaces.
*Use wooden or plastic cutting pads.
*Don't use it on hard food such as bone, frozen food etc.

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