Ceramic Knife Wooden handle black blade
Ceramic Knife Wooden handle black blade-1

Ceramic Knife Wooden handle black blade

  3in Ceramic paring knife

Blade size: 79*19*1.6mm

Total lenth: 180mm

4in Ceramic utility knife

Blade size: 105*20*1.6mm

Total lenth: 210mm

5in Ceramic slicing knife

Blade size: 125*25*1.8mm

Total lenth: 260mm

6in Ceramic chef knife

Blade size: 155*36*1.8mm

Total lenth: 280mm

Color: Black blade, wooden color handle

Material: Zirconia blade, wooden handle
 Ultra-Sharp long life blade
Stain and Rust Proof
No Metallic Taste or Smell
Easy to Clean
Easy to Use
Any color and any size are avaliable

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