Ceramic Ice TAIJI
Ceramic Ice TAIJI-1

Ceramic Ice TAIJI

  Dia 50.8mm. 20mm height each 2pcs
material: Alumina ceramic
 These whisky stones are made of Hi-tech ceramic.

Why choose the ceramic whisky stone?
1. Cools without diluting
2. Not test, not smell, it's food safe for FDA and LFGB
3. Ceramic cube can be recycled used.
4. Ceramic cube stone cool down the whisky much quicker than the stone.
5. The tin surface of ceramic whisky stone makes it easy to be cleaned.
How to use ceramic whisky stone?
1. Place them in the freezer for few hours.
2. Add a couple into whisky or other beverage.
3. Let stand for five minutes and enjoy it.

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